change management the lifeblood of advertising world

It is easy to mock the tired conventions. We in the corporate world do this quite a lot especially when it comes to the flaws of the good old-fashioned advertising activities. While that’s hardly surprising, given that we are passionate about online and that part of our remit is to champion promotion strategy, this can also appear both arrogant and naive. What’s worse, though, is that it blinds us to our own outmoded habits. While we happily stand in front of clients and explain about the constancy of change in the advertising world, we forget what this means for us: that we have to constantly change the way we approach client beliefs. We may be young, but we have already amassed some tired old conventions of our own. Not least the banner ad and the structure. Now, rather like the advertising, there is nothing intrinsically wrong with these formats. It is the use to which they are put and, most critically, the way in which they dominate our thinking that needs to be challenged. If it is wrong to start with content, it is just as wrong to default to banners.

Better to start by reminding ourselves of the promise that great marketing adds value to people’s lives. The best TV advertising has always done this. However there are other modes of communication your message to your customers. Online, the banner ad has, historically, offered rather less opportunity to entertain and reward, so this is where the tangible display banner stands and Retractable banner stands have come in. This is an approach that is born in a period when there is a paucity of rewarding content online and when ‘community’ sites were untrustworthy or techie. Cost factor is another issue. The situation couldn’t be more different today – and yet we continue to deploy the same tactics. Why not to resort to economic, elegant and tangy banner stands? Do not we expect people to come to us, make them happy and satisfied with our product or service. To add value, a brand needs to go to them. These stands carry your brand name or product to your customers. Allow your customers to take away with them the image and reputation of your product or message. These banner stands are essential ‘advertising’ formats for the promotion world.

Of course, banner stands whether retractable or non retractable fit the idea of mentioning the salient features of your product or service. There is one convention that is not ever going to get tired and outmoded, it is the need for a good display structure. They are transportable, flexible, fit any size as per graphics, multi materialistic, elegant, bear great look and style. Most of them cater to any business need of small, medium and big enterprises. The non retractable banner stands like L banner and X banner can be disassembled easily to fit in small carry bag. Retractable banners give you the ease of fold ability in a professional and innovative way. Overall the banner stands are essential parameters of advertising and justified reason of change.

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